What to Pack

While this is a luxury charter, you are not required to wear a tie.....

You will find the weather very accommodating to relaxing and having fun, so your wardrobe should reflect the same.

Here is a list of what you should pack:

Passport (Keep this handy do not pack in your luggage)

Non marking soled shoes for boat and shore

Flip flops for shore

Beach Towel

Water shoes

Bathing suits

T-Shirts and Shorts will suffice for guys(Maybe one collared shirt)

Same for Women with a bathing suit cover up for shore as well

Light jacket

Sun Screen

Medications and Toiletries

Most Importantly:

Bring A Sense of Humor and a Thirst for Fun!

Most days you will spend in a bathing suit and evenings on shore are very informal.  Also, be sure to leave room for the new T-Shirts and clothes you will find at most of the stops along the way.